How to Sparkle at your 4th of July Plans

When we look for inspiration for an outfit to wear to our 4th of July plans, three colors come to mind. There are many ways to wear red, white, and blue while still standing out in the crowd and feeling confident doing it. Whether you are spending your day out on a boat, in a backyard by a barbecue, or just close to loved ones and a few fireworks, you’re sure to have a good time in these outfits.

No. 1

Oia Sleeveless Frill Top, Reese Blank NYC Skinny, Ravello Mini Scarf, Flag Sweater

This clean and classy look is tied together with a hair scarf for an extra pop. The Oia Sleeveless Frill top’s detail adds an extra touch to the classic look of blue jeans. Keep the Flag Sweater close by for the evening breeze! Note: the Reese Blank NYC Skinny jeans are corn hole friendly.

No. 2

Forget Me Not Dress, Portsmouth T-Shirt Dress, White Denim Jacket, Thassos Sandal

If you're going for a more flowy, fiery look, the Forget Me Not dress should be your go-to. Its alternative, The Portsmouth T-Shirt Dress, is more casual but does not pale in comparison. These sundresses are perfect for day plans and can be easily paired with this white denim when the sun starts to set. The Thassos sandals can go with virtually anything and round out the entire ensemble.

No. 3

Star Sweater, Stars & Stripes Sweater, Free People Makai Shorts, White Harper Tote 

There’s nothing like the staple Star Sweater and Star & Stripes Sweater to make you feel festive at your 4th plans. Paired with the Makai Shorts, this outfit is sure to keep you comfortable well into the evening. The White Harper Tote would be perfect to stow towels and sunscreen for the beach or pool (or a handful of sparklers.)