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Our Mission

To serve women and provide convenient access to stylish, quality & affordable clothing.


It was very important for us to start with our “why” before anything else when creating this company. Here are some of our core values and beliefs that we are founded on and that we always come back to when making important decisions.



  • In women supporting women.  In community and fostering connection.
  • In doing the right thing, always.
  • There is a need for more female entrepreneurs in the marketplace.  We might add that boardrooms could also use a little augmentation.
  • Women are stronger when they support each other, which certainly justifies the occasional get together.
  • You should always be discriminating in your tastes.  There is no place, however, for any other discrimination in society.
  • Fashion invites good conversation, connects people and inspires creativity.
  • Style is always unique to the person.  And you are most beautiful when you are authentically yourself.  Everything else is merely an added accessory.