Rivet Internship

We are looking for up to three interns to join our Rivet team!  

1. Social Media Marketing: Create and manage content for various social media platforms.  Create email marketing through Klaviyo, work on site SEO, and help manage instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & tik tok.  Dip your toes all over social media marketing and advertising.

2. Fashion Merchandising: For the fashionista!  Assist with buying decisions, manage our brand ambassador program, maintain blogger relationships, write blog posts and assist with photo shoots, styling & day to day operations.  Learn the ins and outs of an online boutique!

3. Graphic Design:  Create and manage graphics for website, social media channels, ads & marketing collateral.  Your creativity and ideas are encouraged!  Work with canva, adobe spark, Klaviyo & Shopify.  Finish the internship with a whole portfolio of your work!

*These positions are not set in stone, and depending on applicants may be these specific roles or a combination of two of these roles above.  


Applicants must be:

-Self starter

-Fans of the brand & aligned with our values

-A nice/positive person

-Able to meet deadlines and work under minimal supervision.


The majority of this position is remote with occasional in person meetings required in Hampton Falls, NH.  Hours are flexible.  

Position is unpaid, but includes employee discount and school credits are available.  

If you think you might be a great fit please send your resume to rivetcollective@gmail.com 


See below for a testimonial from our most recent intern for the 2020-2021 school year:

"I've had the pleasure of being a Fashion Marketing Intern at Rivet, working under the owner and founder, Sarah Ridzon.  I have been an intern for Sarah since September and have loved every second of it.  I cannot recommend this internship enough as I have learned so many different skills.  I have learned email marketing, social media management, SEO, and so many different platforms including Shopify, Klaviyo, SEO Manager, Pinterest and Adobe Spark.  

This internship has given me the opportunity to test my previous skills, build on them, as well as, learning a variety of new tools and marketing skills.  The skills that I have learned have set me up to success in future careers.  I am so lucky to have had this internship and gain more experience in marketing.  This internship allows interns to experience so many different tools and concepts.  Sarah always asks if there is something specific I want to work on/learn about then we can focus on that for the week.  It really is a mutually beneficial relationship.  Whatever you may be interested in, there is opportunity to learn more about it and build those skills.  

From email marketing to social media channels, there is so much to learn at Rivet.  Anyone interested in the fashion and retail industry, this internship is also great for learning more about behind the scenes and the operations of running a boutique. It has been really fun being able to have a sneak peak of all the new clothing items that have not launched yet.  Being a part of a company who strives to empower women and create an inclusive environment has been incredible.  For anyone who is interested in marketing, social media, or the fashion industry, this internship is an amazing learning experience.  Sarah is always available to answer any questions, and is great at communicating!  I also think it is great how I am able to use my creative abilities and showcase my skills.

Without this internship, I do not think I would feel as confident as I do now as I enter into the real world searching for jobs.  This internship has allowed me to learn several marketing concepts, develop more confidence, and grow professionally and personally in a number of ways."

-Jocelyn Kenyon

UNH Senior